OZONE Kuwait embraces TUNN3L – CASE STUDY

Embarking on a new venture can be like stepping into uncharted territory, especially in the dynamic world of indoor skydiving. For Ozone, setting up a state-of-the-art wind tunnel in Kuwait was a journey filled with excitement and challenges. They knew success hinged on more than just advanced equipment; it required a robust, all-encompassing management system. The search led them to TUNN3L, a solution designed to weave together the complex tapestry of business operations with ease. Imagine a system that not only understands the intricate dance of indoor skydiving but also grasps the subtle nuances of the local market. This was what Ozone needed – a partner, not just a provider. As they delved into this partnership, they discovered TUNN3L’s remarkable cloud agility and a toolset so comprehensive it seemed tailor-made for them. This was the start of a new chapter for Ozone, a journey towards redefining the indoor skydiving experience in Kuwait.

Interview with Alexander Voronov – General Manager of Ozone Indoor Skydiving, Kuwait

Objectives :

  • Enable hassle-free remote installation
  • Implement a plug & play solution
  • Achieve fast deployment of local accountancy

Why TUNN3L? The Selection Journey.

As Ozone began the ambitious project of establishing a new wind tunnel facility in Kuwait, they were acutely aware of the necessity for a dependable, comprehensive business management system. This need was not just about starting operations; it was about creating a strong foundation for their business. They sought a system that could integrate various aspects of their operations, from customer management to financial tracking, all under one roof. This approach was vital to ensure smooth and efficient running of their facility from the get-go, setting the stage for a successful entry into the Kuwaiti market and a robust future growth.

When venturing into the vast desert of business solutions, finding an oasis that quenches all our needs was daunting. TUNN3L was that oasis.

— Alexander Voronov, General Manager of Ozone

Ozone’s search for a management system was about more than just software. They required a partner who deeply understood indoor skydiving’s specific demands and the unique characteristics of Kuwait’s market. They needed a solution that was not only efficient but also adaptable to local needs and preferences. TUNN3L emerged as the perfect match for these requirements. Its cloud-based flexibility, extensive range of tools tailored for the indoor skydiving industry, and proven track record of quick and effective deployment made it an ideal choice for Ozone, aligning with their vision for a seamless and locally attuned operation

Ozone Remote Setup: A Digital Revolution

The clock was ticking. Ozone was on a tight schedule. Yet, geography and time were no barriers for TUNN3L. Their innovative remote installation approach not only saved costs but also met the stringent timelines Ozone was bound to. TUNN3L team pre-configured the hardware, and with remote assistance, installation of the entire system was swift and seamless.

I had my reservations. A remote setup for something this intricate? But TUNN3L’s methodical plug & play model was a game-changer.

— Alexander Voronov, General Manager of Ozone

Financial Clarity from Day One

In business, numbers speak louder than words. Setting up local accountancy was crucial for operations. Ozone’s financial infrastructure was up and running in record time. TUNN3L’s intuitive design ensured Ozone’s finances weren’t just numbers, but meaningful insights.

Delivering Beyond Expectations for Ozone

With TUNN3L in their corner, Ozone could focus on what they do best – offering a stellar indoor skydiving experience. From managing the flurry of bookings to understanding customer behavior via TUNN3L’s business intelligence – Ozone was in control, powered by actionable insights.

TUNN3L didn’t just help us launch; they’ve become integral to our growth narrative.

— Alexander Voronov, General Manager of Ozone

Golden Nuggets for New Players in the Wind Tunnel Game

Alexander’s words of wisdom: “In today’s world, it’s not just about setting up a wind tunnel. It’s about creating memorable experiences, making informed decisions, and being agile. Choose a partner that gets it. For us, TUNN3L was that partner.”

Ozone Indoor Skydiving’s swift rise to becoming Kuwait’s premier destination is a tale of vision, passion, and the right partnerships. With TUNN3L, Ozone was not just equipped with a business tool but a compass pointing towards success.

Looking back, our journey with TUNN3L feels less like a business partnership and more like co-authors writing a success story.

— Alexander Voronov, General Manager of Ozone

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