Tunn3l Alaïa Partnership

TUNN3L Alaïa Partnership

The TUNN3L family is thrilled to welcome a new era of adventure and sports with our latest alliance, the TUNN3L Alaïa Partnership. This collaboration with Alaïa, a leader in action sports experiences, is not just an addition to our family—it’s a revolution in the sports world. Together, we are set to bring unique and exhilarating sports experiences to Europe.

Welcoming Alaïa to the TUNN3L Family

The TUNN3L Alaïa Partnership marks a significant moment for us. Alaïa’s expertise in action sports and our shared passion for innovation make this partnership an exciting venture. We look forward to the synergy and growth this union will foster in the action sports domain.

Alaïa Chalet: A Hub of Action Sports

Alaïa Chalet, nestled in Western Switzerland, stands as a testament to this partnership’s potential. It’s the largest indoor/outdoor facility in the region, offering a haven for skateboarders, scooter enthusiasts, BMX riders, trampolinists, parkour athletes, gymnasts, and ski & snowboard aficionados.

Alaïa Bay: Making Waves in Continental Europe

Alaïa Bay is poised to become a landmark as the first wave pool in Continental Europe, launching in Spring 2021. This exciting development is set to make a significant splash in the action sports community, offering a new wave of aquatic adventure.

Breaking New Ground in Action Sports

The TUNN3L Alaïa Partnership is more than a collaboration; it’s a journey into uncharted territories of action sports. This partnership paves the way for innovative experiences and sets new benchmarks in the world of sports and adventure.

The Vision Behind the Partnership

Our union with Alaïa is driven by a shared vision of pushing boundaries and exploring new possibilities in action sports. We are committed to creating spaces where passion for sports and the thrill of adventure converge.

Celebrating a Union of Innovation and Adventure

This partnership celebrates the fusion of innovation and the spirit of adventure. It aligns perfectly with TUNN3L’s mission to bring groundbreaking experiences to the forefront of the sports and leisure industry.


The TUNN3L Alaïa Partnership heralds a new era in action sports, one that promises to transform the landscape with innovative experiences and boundless possibilities. We are excited to embark on this journey and invite you to join us in celebrating this monumental collaboration.

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