TUNN3L Hardware Installation at Luxfly

TUNN3L Hardware Installation at Luxfly

We’re thrilled to announce a significant achievement at TUNN3L – the successful installation of our hardware at Luxfly Skydive! Although the opening date is pending due to current global challenges, the glimpses of what’s to come already indicate that Luxfly is destined to be an extraordinary destination for indoor skydiving. We’re sending our best wishes to Magali Folkner Braff, Steve Braff, and their exceptional team as they gear up for a grand opening.

The Journey of TUNN3L Installation at Luxfly

The installation process at Luxfly was a showcase of skill and collaboration. Our team worked closely with Luxfly’s experts to install TUNN3L hardware, ensuring the facility is equipped with the latest in indoor skydiving technology. This collaboration lays the foundation for an unparalleled skydiving experience.

Anticipating the Luxfly Skydive Experience

The promise of Luxfly as a premier indoor skydiving location is exciting. With TUNN3L’s cutting-edge technology, visitors can expect a skydiving experience like no other. The anticipation builds as we await the day when the doors will open to an adventure-filled skydiving environment.

Overcoming Current Challenges

Despite the uncertain times, the team at Luxfly, supported by TUNN3L, is preparing diligently for the launch. The current challenges are met with resilience and adaptability, ensuring Luxfly will be ready to offer an unmatched skydiving experience as soon as it’s possible.

Spotlight on the Luxfly Team

A special spotlight shines on Magali Folkner Braff, Steve Braff, and their dedicated team. Their vision and hard work are pivotal in turning Luxfly into a reality. Their commitment to excellence in indoor skydiving is commendable and sets a high standard for the industry.

The Future of Indoor Skydiving with TUNN3L

Looking forward, the installation of TUNN3L hardware at facilities like Luxfly is shaping the future of indoor skydiving. TUNN3L’s innovative solutions are enhancing the way skydiving enthusiasts experience the sport, offering more immersive and technologically advanced experiences.


The completion of the TUNN3L Hardware Installation at Luxfly Skydive marks a pivotal moment in the evolution of indoor skydiving. While we await the official opening, the groundwork laid by the Luxfly team, in partnership with TUNN3L, promises a world-class skydiving experience. We admire their dedication in these challenging times and look forward with excitement to the launch of what’s sure to be an exceptional skydiving hub.

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