TUNN3L at iFLY Minsk

TUNN3L at iFLY Minsk: Powering the New Tunnel’s Launch

A new era in indoor skydiving is on the horizon. TUNN3L at iFLY Minsk is a landmark project, symbolizing innovation and progress. Recently, our team returned from Minsk after successfully installing the TUNN3L system in the brand-new iFLY tunnel. This momentous occasion paves the way for the eagerly awaited launch of iFLY Minsk.

The Installation Journey in Minsk

Our journey to Minsk was an exciting blend of challenge and innovation. The installation of the TUNN3L system at iFLY Minsk involved meticulous planning and careful execution. Our dedicated team worked tirelessly, ensuring that each component of the system was perfectly aligned with the tunnel’s operational needs. This precision and attention to detail are what make TUNN3L a leader in indoor skydiving technology.

Preparing for the Grand Opening

The grand opening of iFLY Minsk is poised to be a momentous event in the indoor skydiving community. Equipped with TUNN3L’s cutting-edge technology, the tunnel is set to offer an unparalleled flying experience. The anticipation is building, not just among the skydiving enthusiasts but also within our team, as we look forward to seeing our technology in action.

Celebrating iFLY Minsk’s Achievement

The launch of iFLY Minsk represents a significant achievement in the indoor skydiving industry. It’s a testament to the relentless pursuit of excellence and innovation. We extend our heartfelt congratulations to the iFLY Minsk team for their hard work and dedication. This new facility is not just a tunnel; it’s a beacon of progress in the sport of indoor skydiving.

TUNN3L’s Role in Enhancing Indoor Skydiving Facilities

Our collaboration with iFLY Minsk highlights TUNN3L’s role in enhancing indoor skydiving facilities globally. We are committed to delivering systems that not only improve operational efficiency but also significantly enhance the user experience. Our work with iFLY Minsk is a showcase of our ability to tailor our technology to meet the unique needs of each facility we partner with.

Looking Towards the Future

As iFLY Minsk prepares to open its doors, we at TUNN3L look towards the future with excitement. This project is just one of many that embody our vision of transforming the indoor skydiving industry through innovative technology. We are committed to continuing our work in developing solutions that push the boundaries of what’s possible in indoor skydiving.


The upcoming launch of iFLY Minsk marks a new chapter not only for the facility but for TUNN3L as well. Our involvement in this project is a proud testament to our dedication to advancing the indoor skydiving industry. We eagerly anticipate the grand opening of iFLY Minsk and the myriad of possibilities it brings. We wish the iFLY Minsk team every success and look forward to our continued partnership.

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