Dynamic Lights Installation at RealFly Sion

Our recent venture at RealFly Sion marks a new era in indoor skydiving experiences, courtesy of TUNN3L’s Dynamic Lights. This installation, expertly assisted by Benjamin Guex, signifies a fusion of technology and sport, enhancing the visual spectacle of indoor skydiving. As we gear up for the Swiss Indoor Skydiving Championship, RealFly Sion stands ready, illuminated by the state-of-the-art Dynamic Lights.

Revolutionizing the Sky with Dynamic Lights

This implementation at RealFly Sion brings a revolutionary change to the arena of indoor skydiving. These lights are not just about aesthetics; they interact with the skydivers’ movements, creating an immersive experience that heightens the thrill for both participants and spectators. This innovative lighting system accentuates every twist and turn, adding a dramatic flair to the performances.

Training and Preparation with Dynamic Lights

In addition to the installation, our team conducted comprehensive training sessions with RealFly Sion’s staff. These sessions focused on optimizing the usage of the Dynamic Lights and integrating them with the TUNN3L competition module and judging system. This preparation ensures that the staff can fully harness the potential of these advanced technologies during competitions and regular operations.

Enhancing Competitions

As RealFly Sion prepares to host the Swiss Indoor Skydiving Championship, the Dynamic Lights are set to play a pivotal role. They will enhance the competitive environment, providing a visually stunning backdrop that matches the intensity and excitement of the championship. The integration of these lights with TUNN3L’s competition module further elevates the event’s professionalism and appeal.

Acknowledging Collaboration and Expertise

The successful installation of Dynamic Lights at RealFly Sion was made possible through the collaborative efforts of TUNN3L’s team and Benjamin Guex. Benjamin’s expertise in indoor skydiving and technical insights were invaluable in seamlessly incorporating the Dynamic Lights into the facility’s infrastructure.

Future of Indoor Skydiving with TUNN3L’s Dynamic Lights

This installation is a stepping stone in TUNN3L’s journey to redefine indoor skydiving. The Dynamic Lights represent our commitment to innovation, aiming to continually enhance the sport’s appeal and the experience it offers. As we move forward, we anticipate that our Dynamic Lights will become a staple feature in indoor skydiving facilities worldwide, changing the way the sport is experienced and enjoyed.


The installation of TUNN3L’s Dynamic Lights at RealFly Sion is a testament to our dedication to advancing indoor skydiving. As we look towards the Swiss Indoor Skydiving Championship, we are excited to witness the transformative impact of these lights. They not only improve the visual experience but also inspire athletes and entertain spectators, marking a new chapter in the evolution of indoor skydiving.

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