Skydiving Technology Advancement

Skydiving Technology Advancement: iFLY Sao Paulo and iFLY Brazil

In the realm of skydiving, technological innovation is not just beneficial; it’s essential.

The recent launches of iFLY Sao Paulo and iFLY Brazil are shining examples of this truth. Armed with the latest in skydiving technology advancement, these facilities break new ground. They are more than just new locations; they are pioneers redefining the industry. Our collaboration with iFLY has been a journey of innovation and triumph. Here, cutting-edge technology like TUNN3L doesn’t just enhance; it transforms operational efficiency and customer experiences. As we explore this journey, we’ll unveil how each challenge was skillfully turned into an opportunity, thereby setting unprecedented standards in the indoor skydiving sector.

Challenges Overcome with Seamless Installation:

Our journey with iFLY was marked by challenges, yet we emerged triumphant. Despite the complexities of remote installation, our team demonstrated exceptional resilience and adaptability. Navigating through logistical hurdles, particularly in hardware shipment, we customized our solutions to fit the unique demands of the Brazilian market. This experience underscores our commitment to delivering excellence, regardless of geographical and technical constraints.

Leadership and Collaboration: Keys to Success:

Central to this project’s success were the visionaries at iFLY. Manoel Damasceno, the Owner & CEO, alongside his dedicated team members Alexandre Chacon and Alex Leandro Belarmino Medeiros, embodied the spirit of innovation. Their business acumen and creative approach were instrumental in this collaboration. As a result, working on this project was not only a professional achievement but also a genuinely enjoyable experience.

Revolutionizing the Skydiving Experience:

Our technology aims to transform. At iFLY Sao Paulo and iFLY Brazil, we’re seeing this transformation unfold. The integration of our advanced skydiving technology is set to drive operational excellence and enrich customer experiences. We’re enthusiastic about the upcoming changes. As iFLY’s team begins to leverage the full capabilities of our system, we anticipate a notable enhancement in service quality and operational efficiency.

Forging Ahead with Innovative Partnerships:

Our partnership with iFLY Sao Paulo and iFLY Brazil goes beyond a typical client-provider relationship. It’s a dynamic collaboration aimed at pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the indoor skydiving industry. These partnerships are a clear indication of our commitment to not just meet but exceed industry standards, fostering a culture of innovation and excellence in skydiving technology advancement.


Our collaboration with iFLY Sao Paulo and iFLY Brazil transcends traditional business relationships. It’s a testament to the power of innovation and a shared vision for excellence. These facilities stand as landmarks in the skydiving technology advancement landscape. Our project did more than just implement technology; it sparked a revolution in how customer experiences and operational efficiency are perceived. As we look to the future, our excitement and optimism are unbridled. We stand ready to embrace new opportunities, continuing to innovate and push the boundaries in the world of indoor skydiving. Together with visionary partners like iFLY, we are not just aiming high; we are set to soar to new heights of success and groundbreaking innovation in the industry.

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