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Indoor Skydiving: A Case Study of iFLY Lyon & iFLY Marseille

Interview with Olivier COLOMB, co-owner of iFLY Lyon and iFLY Marseille

Imagine soaring effortlessly through the air, the thrill of flight within your grasp. This is the world of indoor skydiving, a realm where iFLY Lyon and iFLY Marseille have set new standards. In this detailed case study, we delve into how these leading facilities have revolutionized the indoor skydiving experience, leveraging the innovative capabilities of TUNN3L. Join us as we explore their journey towards operational excellence and unparalleled customer delight in the dynamic world of indoor skydiving.

Objectives :

  • Streamline Customer Experience
  • Enhance Business Intelligence and Decision-Making


iFLY Lyon and iFLY Marseille, two renowned wind tunnels, embarked on a mission to optimize their business operations and unlock their full potential. To achieve this, they made a strategic decision to adopt TUNN3L—an innovative cloud-based solution tailor-made for the indoor skydiving industry. This unique case study highlights the extraordinary achievements of iFLY Lyon and iFLY Marseille after implementing TUNN3L, demonstrating its undeniable superiority over their previous management system.

Before delving into the remarkable outcomes, let’s delve into the challenges you encountered prior to the switch. Can you provide some insights?

Certainly. Our previous management system posed numerous challenges that impeded our quest for efficiency and business intelligence. It hampered our ability to maximize the potential of our wind tunnels and deliver exceptional experiences to our customers.

Could you elaborate on the specific issues you faced?

Of course. Our previous system lacked the comprehensive features and functionalities necessary to streamline our operations effectively. We struggled with e-commerce, reception, check-in, manifest, bookings, video/photo systems, staff and event management—you name it. It was an arduous task to juggle multiple systems and ensure smooth coordination among various aspects of our business.

It sounds like a complex situation. How did you discover TUNN3L, and what motivated you to consider making the switch?

We became aware of TUNN3L’s reputation in the industry as an all-in-one business management solution capable of revolutionizing our operations. After conducting extensive research and receiving positive recommendations from other businesses, we realized that TUNN3L was the game-changer we needed to address our challenges and unlock our true potential.

What were the key factors that ultimately convinced you to make the switch?

TUNN3L’s cloud-based solution provided unmatched convenience, granting us access to critical information anytime and anywhere. The seamless integration of various modules, such as CRM, financial dashboards, stock management, resource management, and business monitoring, emerged as a pivotal advantage.
Additionally, TUNN3L’s commitment to delivering rapid return on investment (ROI) to their partners and customers resonated with our vision of growth and success.

Now that you have transitioned to TUNN3L, what improvements have you witnessed in your business?

The switch to TUNN3L was a transformative decision for us. It streamlined our operations and created a seamless customer journey. We experienced an immediate surge in sales, thanks to the system’s built-in upselling and e-commerce tools.

With TUNN3L’s robust business intelligence tools, our capabilities have been transformed. We now make data-driven decisions, fine-tune strategies, and ensure ongoing success. By tracking key performance indicators, analyzing financial dashboards, and monitoring resources, TUNN3L empowered us to gain valuable insights into our operations. Armed with this knowledge, we implemented effective business strategies, optimizing operations and boosting overall performance.

“The implementation of TUNN3L took our business intelligence capabilities to a whole new level. We now possess the insights we need to make informed decisions and stay ahead of the competition.”

— Nathalie GARCIA, general manager of iFLY Lyon and iFLY Marseille

Thanks to TUNN3L, our employees can now focus on delivering exceptional customer experiences. By consolidating functions like reception, point of sale, customer check-in, and staff management, we eliminated the need for excessive staffing. This optimization freed up resources to enhance our services and drive business growth. The efficiency of every aspect of our operations has skyrocketed, from managing bookings and check-ins to capturing and delivering media content. TUNN3L’s impact on our wind tunnels has been remarkable, leading to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty. Our operational efficiency has significantly improved, reducing costs while maintaining high-quality service standards.

TUNN3L’s comprehensive solution has taken every aspect of our business to new heights. We now have greater control, improved efficiency, and the ability to make data-driven decisions.

“Since adopting TUNN3L, we have transitioned from troubleshooting problems to making tangible business advancements.”

— Philippe DECOT co-owner of iFLY Lyon and iFLY Marseille


In conclusion, the partnership between iFLY Lyon, iFLY Marseille, and TUNN3L has been a resounding success. Through TUNN3L’s superior business management system, they have achieved significant improvements in sales, operational efficiency, and business intelligence. They have solidified their positions as industry leaders, delivering exceptional experiences to customers and achieving remarkable financial results. By embracing TUNN3L, they have demonstrated their commitment to growth, efficiency, and success in the indoor skydiving industry.

TUNN3L has empowered iFLY Lyon and iFLY Marseille to overcome challenges, boost sales, and elevate their business performance. With its focus on sales enhancement, operational efficiency, and business intelligence, TUNN3L has surpassed competitors and unlocked the full potential of these wind tunnels. It remains the go-to solution for the indoor skydiving industry, revolutionizing business management and maximizing returns on investment.

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