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Interview with Aurelien Cabezon – General Manager of Windoor

Exploring Business Efficiency in Indoor Skydiving: TUNN3L’s Transformational Role at Windoor

In the dynamic world of indoor skydiving, achieving business efficiency is paramount. This is where TUNN3L’s innovative solutions come into play, significantly transforming Windoor’s operational landscape. From streamlining complex processes to boosting profitability, TUNN3L has set a new standard in the industry. Windoor’s evolution with TUNN3L revolutionized indoor skydiving. Technological interventions transformed operations and boosted business performance. This success story highlights TUNN3L’s role in enhancing Windoor’s efficiency.

Objectives :

  • Streamline invoicing and accounting processes
  • Boost sales and optimize profitability

Why TUNN3L? What were Your Objectives?

Amidst health and energy crises, our company recognized the need to enhance our overall operational structure, transitioning from a system we were using to a more advanced and efficient solution. We aimed to optimize processes, implement revenue-generating solutions, and identify areas for financial savings. To achieve this, we required a comprehensive business tool that could support our objectives effectively. TUNN3L emerged as the perfect solution, surpassing the capabilities of our previous system, offering a holistic approach to business management and enabling cross-functional optimization of our activities.

How did you get started with the TUNN3L solution?

A rapid deployment was crucial for us as we wanted to minimize disruptions to our operations. We decided to leverage the two days of weekly shutdown at our wind tunnels in Barcelona and Empuriabrava to carry out the migration. To ensure seamless business operations, our objective was to stagger the migration of the two facilities within a 15-day interval. This approach allowed us to maintain uninterrupted business continuity during the transition process. TUNN3L embraced this challenge and flawlessly executed it.

“For the initial deployment in Empuriabrava, we had a TUNN3L technician on-site. Based on this experience, we successfully deployed the solution in Barcelona with remote assistance from TUNN3L. The preparation beforehand was meticulous, and the hardware was pre-configured before shipping, making the process incredibly smooth.”

— Aurélien Cabezon, General Manager of Windoor

8 months after deployment, how far have you got? And have you achieved your objectives?

The positive impact of switching to TUNN3L from our previous system was immediate and impressive. Within a few weeks, we experienced substantial growth in online revenues, highlighting the superior e-commerce capabilities of TUNN3L. Fast, responsive, multilingual, and user-friendly, TUNN3L significantly enhanced the customer journey, leading to remarkable increases in sales.

Thanks to the support and expertise of the TUNN3L team, the transition was seamless, allowing us to maintain our booking history and customer base.

The user-friendly nature of TUNN3L ensured a quick adoption by our reception and instructor teams. We now save valuable time on day-to-day tasks, enabling us to focus more on providing exceptional customer service and driving sales, a level of operational efficiency that was not achievable with our previous system.

“I now save a remarkable amount of time on simple, repetitive tasks, enabling me to concentrate on serving customers and enhancing sales.”

– Lala Schnaider, Desk Manager

Have you customized TUNN3L software?

Certainly! Aligning our workflows with TUNN3L was effortless while benefiting from a tailored business software framework. TUNN3L’s expertise has greatly influenced our operations, making them faster and more efficient without requiring significant changes to our existing processes.

The yield management functions at the timeslot level have allowed us to automatically optimize profitability. This granular approach is crucial for any wind tunnel striving for long-term efficiency.

The automated video and photo system has resulted in a tenfold increase in sales without the need for additional resources, far exceeding the capabilities of our previous system in generating revenue.

Moreover, invoicing has become accurate and effortless. With just two clicks, we can export data to our accounting system, equipped with all the necessary information for tracking deferred income. TUNN3L is also compliant with European directives on payment systems.

What advice would you give to another wind tunnel that wants to achieve the same goals as you?

Implementing a comprehensive IT tool is vital for optimizing business operations. It requires a modern and mature reorganization of management practices, particularly in times of crisis. We haven’t found an equivalent solution on the market today, which is why TUNN3L now equips all three wind tunnels of the WINDOOR group in Spain and Switzerland. It has become an indispensable asset for our success. It has become an indispensable asset for our success, enabling us to run smooth onsite operations with minimal personnel while providing robust business analytics to build the best business strategy possible.

In conclusion, TUNN3L has empowered Windoor with its seamless operations, increased sales, and advanced business analytics, providing us with a competitive edge in the indoor skydiving industry.

Realizing Business Efficiency: A Conclusion on TUNN3L’s Transformative Impact

To sum up, TUNN3L’s innovative approach has redefined business efficiency in the indoor skydiving industry, as clearly evidenced by Windoor’s remarkable transformation. By implementing TUNN3L’s advanced solutions, Windoor has not only streamlined its operations and enhanced profitability but also set a new benchmark for the industry. This collaboration underscores the importance of embracing cutting-edge technology to stay competitive and responsive to market demands. TUNN3L’s case with Windoor serves as an inspiring model for other businesses in the sector, demonstrating the immense potential of strategic technological integration in driving success and growth. Reach out to us to reach your wind tunnel full potential!

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