Wind Tunnel Pricing Solution

Wind Tunnel Pricing Solution

Explore how TUNN3L’s Wind Tunnel Pricing Solution is setting a new standard in the industry for both fairness and efficiency.

We’re thrilled to introduce a groundbreaking feature that transforms the way you approach pricing. With our new system, pricing now aligns with actual electricity consumption, marking a significant leap towards fair and transparent billing. This novel approach is particularly beneficial for pro-flyers and comes as a strategic response to the increasing electricity costs, ensuring your pricing strategy is efficient and equitable.

Fair and Transparent: Aligning Wind Tunnel Pricing with Electricity Usage

At the heart of this innovation is a pricing model that adapts to real-time electricity usage. Operators now have the opportunity to shift from flat rates to a more equitable system with TUNN3L’s Wind Tunnel Pricing Solution. This system aligns costs with actual energy consumption. Such a change is essential, especially for pro-flyers who use the tunnel for extended periods. They benefit from fair billing based on the energy they use. TUNN3L’s solution allows operators to align pricing directly with energy usage. This approach revolutionizes cost calculation and communication with customers, making the entire process effortless and transparent. Moreover, this transparent pricing model simplifies billing for customers, fostering trust and satisfaction. By directly linking prices to electricity use, we’re setting a new standard in wind tunnel operation, one that acknowledges and adapts to the varied needs of different flyers.

Beyond Pricing: Comprehensive Business Management for Wind Tunnel Operators

Our all-in-one business management solution offers more than just innovative pricing. It’s a comprehensive toolkit designed to streamline every aspect of wind tunnel operations. TUNN3L equips you with essential tools for success in the competitive indoor skydiving market. We offer effortless scheduling and robust customer management. Our platform also provides in-depth analytics. These features collectively ensure your business excels. Additionally, our new electricity-based pricing is a key part of our commitment. It’s one of many ways we help your business thrive. This addition enhances our complete solution, tailored to meet the unique challenges of wind tunnel operations.


Step into a new era of wind tunnel management with TUNN3L’s latest feature. Bid farewell to outdated pricing methods and embrace a future where fairness and transparency lead the way. With the rising costs of electricity, our innovative solution positions your business to succeed and grow, adapting seamlessly to market changes. Contact us to learn more about how this electricity-based pricing system can revolutionize your wind tunnel business, keeping you ahead of the curve in this dynamic industry.

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