Indoor Skydiving Competitions: FULLFLY Bordeaux & Tunn3l

Where passion takes flight and technology elevates experience.

In the vibrant, ever-evolving world of indoor skydiving, competitions are more than just events—they are the very heartbeat that invigorates the community, driving it forward. These gatherings not only showcase the skills of the athletes but also serve as a testament to the passion, dedication, and camaraderie inherent to this thrilling sport. We’re beyond ecstatic to shine a spotlight on the recent series of triumphs witnessed at the FULLFLY Bordeaux’s Indoor Skydiving Competitions. Such monumental successes weren’t just a matter of chance; they were meticulously orchestrated. A significant factor behind these accomplishments was our state-of-the-art software, Tunn3l’s Competition Manager. With its robust features and intuitive design, it effortlessly bridged the gap between organizers, participants, and spectators, ensuring the events echoed with unmatched enthusiasm and success. The synergy between technology and talent has truly set a gold standard in the realm of indoor skydiving competitions.

The Role of Tunn3l’s Competition Manager

Technology and Indoor Skydiving Competitions: Streamlining with Advanced Tools

Transitioning to a grand-scale event requires embracing cutting-edge technology. That’s exactly what Tunn3l’s Competition Manager offers. Designed with precision, it’s more than software; it’s the future of indoor skydiving event management. Here’s a breakdown of what makes it exceptional:

  • Subscription & Team Handling in Competitions: Forget the hassles of paperwork and repetitive data entry. Tunn3l’s tool takes over, streamlining subscription collection directly from websites, ensuring the primary focus remains on the core activities of the event.
  • Setting Up Indoor Skydiving Competitions with Ease: The numerous steps to set up an indoor skydiving competition are condensed into a few simple clicks. From deciding on disciplines to setting up rounds, this tool simplifies the complex, offering a logically staged event flow.
  • Automated Flight Planning: A key highlight of Tunn3l’s system is its seamless flight planning feature. Every action within the tool auto-updates the flight system, ensuring timely and efficient competition launches.
  • Engagement: An informed competitor is an empowered one. Real-time schedules on screens, coupled with live score displays, enhance engagement levels. And with the ability to extend this feature to websites and social media, the event’s reach is exponentially magnified.
  • Video Judgement: Judgement through video is critical. Tunn3l addresses this by automatically retrieving competition videos and transmitting them for judgement, increasing accuracy and fairness in scoring.
  • Scoring Systems Integration in Indoor Skydiving Competitions: Flexibility is vital. That’s why Tunn3l’s Competition Manager integrates seamlessly with popular scoring and judging systems, ensuring organizers can blend the best of all worlds.

Celebrating Success

The recent Competition at FULLFLY Bordeaux was a collaboration of excellence. We owe a massive thank you to FULLFLY Bordeaux, our esteemed partner, for trusting in Tunn3l’s capabilities.

The Future of Indoor Skydiving Competitions with Tunn3l

With the success of FULLFLY Bordeaux under our belt, the horizon looks promising. As the world of indoor skydiving evolves, so does our commitment to offering the best. Stay updated with us for more news on upcoming events and let’s continue to let the spirit of indoor skydiving fly high.


The Indoor Skydiving Competitions at FULLFLY Bordeaux weren’t just another event; they were a defining moment in the landscape of indoor skydiving sports. Setting unprecedented standards, these competitions showcased the power of combining passion with advanced technology. This was made possible largely due to Tunn3l’s Competition Manager, a cutting-edge software that transformed the event’s logistics and experience. As we reflect on this success, it becomes evident that it’s just the beginning. As we soar into the future, we’re filled with anticipation for the limitless possibilities ahead. Here’s to forging more partnerships, introducing groundbreaking innovations, and achieving even greater heights in the world of indoor skydiving. To all stakeholders, collaborators, and participants, a toast to our collective triumphs and to the many more on the horizon. Cheers!