Tunn3l releases a free competition manager for indoor skydiving professionals !

Indoor skydiving competitions are getting more and more popular and bring quality fame to tunnel owners. But when you receive flyers from all around the world, you must ensure flawless organization !

As a key player in the indoor skydiving software (42 wind tunnels, 17 countries, 8M end users), Tunn3l recently released a new (and free…) version of its competition manager !

This online tool has specially been designed for indoor skydiving competitions : it allows you to plan rounds on different disciplines (FS, VFS, Freestyle and Dynamic), handle team on & offline subscriptions, organize flight times, display scores…

It already has been used in the greatest events, including the 2022 World cup in Airspace Charleroi !

Collect online subscriptions and manage teams

Collect subscriptions from your website in 2 clicks and start filling your competition chart

Tunn3l Competition Manager – Online subscription form & teams screen

Set up your competition 

Define all the parameters of the event : dates, disciplines, number of rounds and duration. Our designer handles all the details for you : 

  • Assign teams to the right discipline
  • Calculate each round global duration
  • Stage all following rounds in consequence, including a buffer time
Tunn3l Competition Manager – Organise rounds

Automatic flights planning and manifest

Every action is automatically fed back to our flight planning tools  : your flight planning is always up to date ! All you have to do is open the manifest and make them fly !

Tunn3l Competition Manager – Automatic flights planning

Competitors screen calls & live scores display :

A cool option of our system allows you to display up-to-date schedules on screens, so your competitors know when to show up !

You also have the ability to display live scores on the screens and on your website / social networks !

Tunn3l Competition Manager – Rounds planning & live scores

Video judgment system

Our system can fetch videos from the tunnel and send it directly to the judging room !

Scoring & judging software compatible

Works perfectly with Dynamr, InTime and other judging systems via API

If you want to use our competition manager or simply need to get more informations, feel free to contact us : contact@tunn3l.com 

(Using our competition manager is absolutely engagement free and do not interfere with existing softwares)