TUNN3L at Madrid Fly

TUNN3L at Madrid Fly: Innovation Meets Flamenco

Last week, Madrid Fly witnessed the fusion of technology and tradition as we introduced TUNN3L to their state-of-the-art facility. It was a week filled with dedication, seamless integration, and the unforgettable rhythms of flamenco that underscored our work.

A Memorable Integration:

The installation of TUNN3L at Madrid Fly was a testament to hard work and collaboration. Every step, from setup to final touches, was marked by precision and teamwork, ensuring that Madrid Fly could leverage our technology to its fullest potential from day one.

Heartfelt Appreciation:

This achievement would not have been possible without the exceptional efforts of Marino Kalligas, Marco Nájera De Giles, Inés Pedrera, Brendam O´Rafferty, Max Porra, and everyone at Madrid Fly. Their expertise and passion were pivotal in bringing this project to life.

Cultural Connection:

Beyond technology, the week was enriched with a deep dive into Madrid’s cultural essence—flamenco. This experience wasn’t just about implementing a system; it was about embracing and celebrating the local culture alongside our work, making this project uniquely memorable.


The partnership between TUNN3L and Madrid Fly goes beyond technology. It marks a meeting point of innovation and culture. This installation energized us. It mixed modern tech with the rich flamenco heritage. Looking ahead, such collaborations guide TUNN3L. We aim to blend tech with culture, not just supply it. We look forward to new adventures, ready for both challenges and delights.

This journey, enriched by technology and tradition, invites all to witness the transformation of indoor skydiving venues into spaces where every flight is an experience, and every experience is steeped in local culture. Join us as we continue to innovate, celebrate, and set new standards within the industry. Discover the future of indoor skydiving with TUNN3L, where every project is a step towards redefining the extraordinary.

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