Oslo Wind Tunnel

Oslo Wind Tunnel Revolution: TUNN3L’s Technology

The indoor skydiving scene in Oslo has reached a new pinnacle of excitement with the introduction of TUNN3L’s advanced system in the city’s latest wind tunnel. This milestone represents not just an ordinary launch, but a monumental leap into the future of adventure sports, positioning Oslo as a hub for aero-sport innovation. TUNN3L’s sophisticated technology brings a new level of precision and user experience to the sport, promising to draw both novices and seasoned flyers from across the globe.

A Fusion of Technology and Passion:

This venture goes beyond engineering prowess; it embodies the spirit of collaboration and shared vision. TUNN3L’s platform integrates seamlessly with the architectural marvel that is Oslo’s wind tunnel, offering an unmatched blend of technological sophistication and design aesthetics. The synergy between these two forces has set a new bar for what an indoor skydiving center can achieve.

Behind the Scenes with the Oslo Team:

Our journey to this point was fueled by the dedication and expertise of Oslo’s team. Their relentless drive for excellence resonated with TUNN3L’s philosophy, making the installation process not just smooth but truly synergistic. The camaraderie and shared dedication to quality have been palpable throughout this project, ensuring that every detail was executed to perfection.

Well Wishes for the Modern Activity Center:

As the doors open to the public, the Modern Activity Center stands ready to dazzle. We extend our sincerest congratulations for the completion of this amazing project and wish the team in Oslo success as they embark on this thrilling new venture. The potential for growth and the promise of delivering unparalleled experiences to every visitor are as boundless as the skies they aspire to conquer.


With the successful installation of TUNN3L in Oslo’s modern wind tunnel, we celebrate the harmonious fusion of cutting-edge technology and the human spirit. We eagerly anticipate the waves of change this will bring to the industry and the new opportunities for enthusiasts to engage with the sport. Here’s to a future where Oslo shines as a beacon of innovation, adventure, and inspiration for indoor skydiving worldwide.

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